Our Top Picks For Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion

There are a hundred and one reasons why cashmere continues to be such a popular material. It is uniquely comfortable, one of the softest and most luxurious materials in the world to be precise. It regularly adorns some of the most fashionable men and women in the world. It appears on all of the hottest catwalks in Britain, New York, Italy and France. Cashmere has been the cream of the fashion crop for nigh on fifty years now, so what are you waiting for?

Here at London W11, we couldn’t live without our signature cashmere pieces. It doesn’t matter if it’s a winter scarf, a beautiful piece of knitwear, or even a stylish cashmere dress – there’s nothing quite like cashmere for opulence and comfort. We understand that it can be difficult to pick the right piece sometimes, especially if you’ve never invested in cashmere before. Here are some handy tricks that you can use to locate and buy the perfect statement piece for Spring/Summer 2014.

The Simple Sweater

A few months ago, fashion icon Alexa Chung was photographed rocking a beautiful grey cashmere cardigan. It was so simple and understated, but so uniquely stylish – it was everything that we have come to expect from the model, author and socialite. She teamed her grey cardigan with a simple pair of well fitting jeans, a pair of vintage sunglasses and a designer clutch purse. Her makeup was simple, her outfit was simple and yet she still looked like the most beautiful girl in the room. Why not try and imitate this easy look with a statement cardigan of your own? According to Style Caster journalist Perrie Samotin, there’s nothing more timeless than top quality cashmere.

The Boyfriend Jumper

When it comes to comfort, there are few things quite as wonderful as the boyfriend jumper. At this point, every girl in the London W11 has one of these bad boys ready for the Spring. The boyfriend jumper is exactly what it sounds like – an artfully slouchy cashmere sweater that can be worn both casual and super formal if necessary. It’s the ideal work wear garment, the perfect ‘from the office straight to the bar’ garment. If you’ve got the confidence, wear it to work with your regular jeans. When it gets to clocking off time, swap your comfy jeans for a pair of wet look skinnies. You’ll look like the coolest chick in town, especially if you add a leather jacket and a pair of skyscraper heels.

The Statement Piece

We haven’t quite covered the statement cashmere piece yet, the piece that every girl needs to have in their wardrobe. You only need one statement piece, so it’s got to be a good one. If you invest well, you’ll be able to recycle it throughout the seasons for years to come – longevity and durability is just one of the attributes of top quality cashmere. You don’t have to stick with staid black and grey knits, not if you’ve got the confidence to pull off a brightly coloured or a patterned sweater. It’s a superb way to spice up a Spring wardrobe, so get searching for your statement cashmere piece as soon as you can. We’ve got a huge selection of colourful patterned cardigans, scarves and sweaters on sale at the moment – what are you waiting for fashion fans?

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Eva Maria Khan has been working in the fashion industry for over 20 years, 12 of those saw her working for exclusive designer brands in the fashion capitals of Europe, Milan and Paris. During this time, she imbued each collection she worked on with a passion for luxury and effortless elegance which is typified by cashmere knitwear. For this reason, she founded London W11 to share her passion for cashmere knitwear with the world. You can follow Eva Maria on , @w11cashmere or LinkedIn.

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